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I Love You Anyway
Stop thinking you can never fail;
It deprived you of your smile.
Why is your self-esteem so frail?
What have you done that's so vile?
So you got mad at somebody;
Stop thinking you can never fail.
Emotions don't make you shoddy;
Please cast off your self-loathing veil.
You want to cry? Go ahead, wail!
Your tears have been locked up too long!
Stop thinking you can never fail!
You say it makes you weak? You're wrong!
I'm sorry. I just wish you'd see
That being human does entail
Mistake after mistake, so please
Stop thinking you can never fail. 
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 19 22
Come in, you marvelous morsel. No need to be nervous, I was just complimenting your appearance. I've been doing self-portraits for a while, so I know an attractive face when I see one. There are so many nice faces in this world, and that means I get to do a lot of beautiful paintings. I also get to meet a lot of people, so this job really is delightful.
Oh, I apologize for rambling. Sometimes I just go on these silly little rambles. Right through this door is my studio, where I'll be taking apart your marvelous figure and giving it new life. You seem troubled, but I assure you that everything will be fine. My words are just a display of my passion, because painting is not just my hobby, but my soul.
Your eyes are moving all about. I bet you're wondering why I, one who claims to be an artist, don't have any paintings in my studio. I have a private gallery for my work, because I prefer each of my customers be left wondering what they'll look like when I've had my fun with them. You're lo
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 16 24
The universe is settled beneath my eyelids,
tucked away between the joints of my wrists -
escaping through the cracks of my lips.
And I settle of seeing it escape from my soul -
with the stardust that's left behind.
:iconnoitalapsi:Noitalapsi 9 9
Unwind my soul,
my weary companion -
for my memories,
they line up beneath my ribcage.
And I wish that there were less thorns coiled around them...
:iconnoitalapsi:Noitalapsi 3 3
It's been a long time,
   a very long indeed,
and I haven't seen you,
   my friend -
for eons now I believe.
There are cracks on my skin,
   I've become paper -
the flakes of me fly away with wind.
Everything has become frail,
   my bones snapping like dry twigs -
perhaps that's what I deserve,
  for my now truly rotten heart -
    the one you could not salvage.
It's been a long time,
  I know,
      my friend -
but it wont be long now.
I can feel the way the ground nips at my feet,
     the way it has ingrained me here -
       your curse,
  it may have been a gift -
for I have seen the world change and turn,
    for better and for worse.
I hope you can forgive me,
   my friend,
  when this decay eats up all of me,
    and my paper skin shatters in the wind.
Wont you forgive me,
when I see you again?
  It has been long
:iconnoitalapsi:Noitalapsi 3 0
Fall came graceful,
stealing cold glance -
frosted fingers trailing by the night,
for the wakeful that still last.
Crippling with the drain of life,
hurriedly pulled back,
ground greedily takes back its own -
 and what is left
is a wilted blossom -
 frosted by the night -
swaying in the wind -
come winter's might.
:iconnoitalapsi:Noitalapsi 3 7
Taivaan tulet
The sky was alight with fire and flames,
oh so hungry,
ever up reaching -
burning up the sky.
The fire that destroyed men.
The sky was alight with fire and flames,
forever dancing,
mapping out the sky -
painting greens over and over the sky.
The fire that guided lost one home.
:iconnoitalapsi:Noitalapsi 2 3
I see everything you're trying to hide
I can see all the lies that within you reside
The smile veiled sorrow deep
I'm watching the insecurities creep
No one by your side ever seems to last
Eventually they, to drift into the past
So if blood is thicker than water
Tell me why it tastes so bitter
I'm tired of looking at this broken filter of glass
Wondering when it'll be the end of this farce
Because the only thing I ever see
Is my reflection staring back at me
:iconwanderinginmyownmind:WanderingInMyOwnMind 9 0
In the absence of death,
Life cannot exist.
For the very concept
Of life without death,
Is contradictory.
:iconwanderinginmyownmind:WanderingInMyOwnMind 6 4
Rose and Iris
They loved their garden;
Mother and Daughter would spend
Hours in the sun.
Behind their house was
Green dotted with red, yellow,
Pink and countless more.
Mother loved roses;
Daughter preferred irises.
They planted with care.
They watched the sun rise
While blowing dandelions,
And mimicked at dusk.
Their birdbaths brought in
Winged visitors who were
Greeted with bird seed.
All meals were eaten
On a polka-dot blanket;
Nothing but home-cooked.
Catching butterflies,
Looking for funny-shaped clouds,
Climbing the oak tree.
They ran, danced and sang,
Never tiring of their
Love for each other.
Daughter did not think
That her days with Mother would
Ever reach an end.
When the doorbell rang,
And Mother answered the door,
Daughter heard her scream.
"I want to see her,"
Said the angry man outside,
Firearm in hand.
Fits of drunken rage,
Screams, scars, curses and regrets
Ran through Mother's mind.
She slammed the do
:iconshining-scribe:Shining-Scribe 87 77
an atheist's prayer
dear god,
i planted no tulips in autumn
and no tulips came in spring.
how silly of me, then
to mourn the empty garden,
to long for fields of amsterdam,
to kneel at night in cold dirt,
hands folded.
i’ve learned there is
a certain ache in lacking
a thing never had, that small itch
whose relief is two seasons past –
so god, if you can hear me,
know that i am homesick
for amsterdam,
whose name, like yours, i know
but whose flowers i cannot see.
:iconmoondrums:moondrums 267 134
even death didn't want me
the vultures circle eerily
because they can smell the
flesh wounds that litter my skin
and they know i'm close to dead
so now it's just a waiting game for the
both of us
and his beady eyes watch hungrily as
toothpick bones pierce through veins
like shards of glass
and i'll crumble inside until my
arteries give way and my
lungs reduce to ash
and i'll exhale puffs of smoke but you won't ask
as long as it keeps me from
t a l k i n g  so much -
a feather drops
and i keep it in my pocket as a reminder
that i'm walking on the wire
and i shake when the doorbell rings because
i anticipate that answering it may equate to
welcoming the reaper at my doorstep
im not afraid of death.
or the reaper.
or the vultures.
but eternity tells a different story
an everlasting darkness that creeps in slowly
from the edges of your vision and leaves you with
a nothing you can never escape from
(the vultures above me keep me grounded
and the feather, weightless)
:iconcatloversjt:catloversjt 17 4
put this on my tombstone
they look a little bit like
railroad tracks
and boy do they
take me places
i wish i'd never been
(i always said i wanted to be a hitchhiker
    but i didn't know what that meant
until now)
they're like books stacked neatly on shelves
para l l el lines
    and by god
do they tell a story
(just don't read it to your kids before bed
    you wouldn't want to plant these monsters
in their heads)
they aren't engravings
run your hands across my arms
and try to understand the
    raises and
measure the spaces in between
(these aren't hieroglyphics don't try to read them-
they'll whisper stories but not if you try to hear them
let them be and maybe next time they won't bleed
    as much)
take this for what you will but it's not romanticism i just call it like i see it
:iconcatloversjt:catloversjt 11 3
chapped lips
a hodgepodge of stars and planets and burning meteors
and promises that escaped chapped lips
we were supernovas, exploding words, exploding skin
our glances across rooms would douse walls in chemicals
send cinderblock up in flames
i gave you candycane chapstick for christmas,
smooth lips didn’t put back together the promises
instead they decorated the black hole where i think all my love ended up
we danced on the rings of saturn
well you danced, poorly, and i drifted,
so slowly you didn’t notice at first
there's no oxygen in space,
my last breath wasted on licking my lips
or were they yours
there’s no oxygen in space
but so much room
but no room to breathe
:iconpages-of-poems:pages-of-poems 19 8
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Originally, RattledFawn, needed a fresh start and a clean page to work with.


Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm so sorry for late responses, but better late than never, right?

How is everyone?
What's your greatest fear?

Mine always shocks people, but I'm afraid of physical touch. It gives me instant panic attacks. I've gotten so much better as I've grown, but it always made me feel outcasted as a child. And I wonder if it's uncommon, because I've yet to meet anyone else who shares this phobia. 
Who do you write for/about the most? :heart:
I awoke this morning to something that shocked me--a DD on this is celestial. I'm honored that LadyLincoln saw beauty within the piece and suggested it. A huge thanks to doughboycafe for featuring, and thanks to everyone else who has been there, who has inspired me, and who has favorited/commented on this piece.

Love you all. :heart:
Share with me something from your Favorites! :happybounce:


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